MABioS (Mathématiques et Algorithmique pour la Biologie des systèmes) is an interdisciplinary group from the Institut de Mathématique de Marseille (I2M).

Our central research topics are biological networks, in particular dynamical regulatory networks and large-scale interaction networks. The group is composed of CNRS researchers and assistant professors from different backgrounds: (bio)mathematicians, computer scientists and bioinformaticians. Their joined expertises cover the development of computational methods and tools for the analyses of protein interaction networks, discrete mathematics and computational science for the modelling of regulatory networks.

In particular, their experience in collaborative interdisciplinary projects through the modeling and analysis of genetic networks is attested by several publications. One of their main interests in this domain is to understand the links between the structure of the interaction graphs, and typical dynamical properties of the dynamics. Their constant objective is to stay close to the biological applications, and their theoretical results are used to improve the analysis of biological networks.

Lastly, MABioS is involved in the Century Institute convergence (Turing Centre for Living Systems) in the Luminy campus of Aix-Marseille Université. Two of the members belong to the steering committee, and are actively implicated in the elaboration of an interdisciplinary (Biology/Mathematics/Computer Science/Physics) graduate school.